Dalia Glaser

My name is Dalia and I am a Graphic Designer.

I am a graduate of Kavim Collage of Design, with honors 2013

It was love at first sight Like some corny movie when two people lock eyes in a crowded room...

I finally found a field that made sense to me, And I was home.

My services :

Branding | Print | Web Design | Copywriting .

I love the art of weaving color with text, inserting emotion into visual images ,  giving them a unique spin.

I think differently, in a world where everything is the same. Different makes the difference between being one of ... and standing out,  making people stop and pay attention.




Paints and Brush



Contact me

Email : glaserdalia@gmail.com Phone: 050-9529979

Let's meet up for a cup of coffee and brainstorm ...

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